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One of the main goals of Emazing Savings is to give back to the community.  We offer an easy and risk-free way for groups to raise money for their worthy causes through our fundraiser marketing program.


We have confidence in our savings products.  In fact, we guarantee that if you don't like our savings experience, we will refund you membership.  Click below for full details.

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Emazing Savings™ was founded on just a few very simple ideas…
"Partner with manufacturers and merchants to build customer traffic, to sell more products and merchandise, while at the same time, offer every consumer a decent savings on a wide array of items and most of all, give back to the community"



Each Membership Includes:    $400+ of Promo Gift Cards, Disc. Rx Cards and More! (Click Images Below)  

Digital Savings Book     Total Merchants:  982    Total Gift Cards:   76     Total Savings Value:   $19,662

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Emazing Savings started as an affiliate of The Super Book.  Our National brand deals combined with their Regional/Local offers, paved the way for consumers save even more money for 2015 and beyond.


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Printed Savings Book   Total Merchants:  740    Total Gift Cards:   51     Total Savings Value:   $15,476

While digital couponing has become commonplace in today's consumer market, technology has in many ways made the process way too complicated.  Emazing Savings took a step back and made it simple.

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We Make Saving Money Easy!

Money Saving Coupons  -  Promo-Gift Cards  -  Exclusive Savings & More!

Emazing Savings started as an affiliate of The Super Book.  Our National brand deals combined with their Regional/Local offers, paved the way for consumers save even more money for 2015 and beyond.

Each year Emazing Savings helps create instant value for being a member.  With our exclusive Promo-Gift Cards, Savings Coupons and Membership Referral programs, cost of membership is paid back almost instantly.


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Emazing savings

Emazing Savings was founded with one simple principle and goal in mind...

"To partner with National, Regional and Local merchants and manufacturers to grow brand awareness and their increase sales, while at the same time, offer consumers a simple way to save some of their hard earned cash.  By doing this, it allows Emazing Savings to be a good corporate citizen and give back to the community."