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Again, although this is a decades old marketing model, we do bring several fresh approaches and cool ideas to jump-start the pace of the business marketplace segment.

We are an affiliate of Super Book in St. Joseph, Mi and collaborate with them on fresh ideas and direction.  While we share ideas and thoughts, we are "friendly competition" because we seek very little overlap in the market space.

Our Emazing Savings publication includes the traditional coupon for Local/Regional products & merchants, but now thanks to our efforts, all National brand company savings coupons are now good for use coast-to-coast.  While we currently are in production for the edition for SW Michigan (Berrien, Cass and Van Buren counties).  Future Michigan editions are planned for 2016 that include Grand Rapids/Holland area, Lansing area, Kalamazoo area and the Eastern-side of the state.

Other long term plans include expanding our regional offerings to include other states including South Bend-Indiana, Indianapolis-Indiana, Chicago-Illinois, Charlotte-North Carolina, Reno/Lake Tahoe-Nevada and multiple areas of Los Angeles-California.

We get asked a lot... “What” exactly is Emazing Savings™?

It's simple, we are a coupon book marketing company
based in Southwest Michigan which produces and
sells a print book publication containing:

  • Over $400 Worth of Promotional Gift Cards
  • Dozens of Coupons for Absolutely Free Products
  • Money Savings Coupons representing over $15K in Savings
  • Complementary Rx, Dental, Vision and Hearing Discount Savings
  • Free Life Insurance and much, much more beginning Spring of 2016!


The founders of Emazing Savings are well-seasoned business people who were seeking a new challenge. 

The concept of Emazing Savings is to expand on a time-tested business model, add unique bits and pieces to it, subtract several other items, all to enhance the end-value of the coupon marketplace at all levels.

It's kind of like "Back to Basics", only with a ground-floor logical and technological twist.

targeted long term planning

Emazing Savings has taken their collective experience to create its own methodology to continue the innovation of all product offerings at all business segments. 

satisfaction GUARANTEE

We are confident in our abilities to help both merchants, consumers and charities.  Each level of our business model offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee to all participants.

ON A mission to creating SAVINGS

We live, eat & breathe to create innovative programs to generate business for merchants, to help save consumers money, and above all, give back to the community.

WHAT WE'RE ABOUT AND the product we offer


our company and our LONG-TERM VISION



We are also exploring new options and the logistics involved, in order to offer the same types of fundraiser programs on the Internet…

- So Stay Tuned!

  • Oct 2013 - The concept behind Emazing Savings is envisioned and research begins.
  • Jul 2014 - Market research is completed and finds the Emazing Savings concept is viable.  A business plan is drafted and finalized.
  • Sep 2014 - Start-up personnel are selected and Emazing Savings, LLC is formed.
  • Apr 2015 - The first edition of Emazing Savings goes to print.
  • May 2015 - The first editions of Emazing Savings are shipped to consumers and fundraising groups.
  • Jun 2015 - Production plans begin for additions to the Michigan area product offerings, along with pre-expansion planning for offices and products in the Charlotte, Atlanta, Indianapolis, Phoenix, Reno/Tahoe and Chicago markets.
  • More To Be Announced Soon!

Emazing Savings™ is a Proud Affiliate of The Super Book... Serving Southwest Michigan since 1979!

  • We offer employment opportunities to people having a tough time locating steady work due to past traumatic, life-changing events.

We look forward to you becoming a member of the Emazing Savings family.  Have questions or need more information?
Call at 269-350-7283 or e-mail us at
info@emazing-savings.com  - 
(Don't forget the DASH!  - Emazing 'DASH' Savings.com)

  • We donate a portion of all sales profits for all of our products to the community near and far.
  • We seek to employ recently discharged and retired U.S. veterans.


  • All fundraising groups are welcome (schools, charity groups, youth groups, churches, etc.).- Click here for details.